Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues | 12 Printable Clue Cards

Play the Easter Scavenger Hunt game with the kids using 12 fun and unique Easter scavenger hunt clue cards. It’s a fun way to lead the kids to their Easter eggs, Easter baskets, or any fun Easter surprise you have for them. Simply print out the Easter scavenger hunt riddles and place them around the house then let the hunt begin!


The kids’ favorite holiday game is scavenger hunt so I find myself designing scavenger hunt clues every month. I’ve designed the clues so both young kids can enjoy them but also making it a fun Easter Egg hunt clues for the older child. Our eldest is now a tween and she enjoys this game a lot. Simply hunting for Easter eggs is probably not as fun to her anymore. Who knew reading rhyming clues and running around the house makes all the difference! LOL!



Print out 2 pages of Easter Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards containing 6 clues per page. Cut the 12 scavenger hunt clue cards and place them around the house. You will hand out the first clue but the rest, the kids will hunt for them, with each clue leading them to the next location. The final clue will lead them to the closet where you will hide their prize – an Easter basket, Easter egg, treats, any surprise!



Typically, you would leave the prize at the end after all scavenger hunt clue cards have been found. For Easter, you can put an Easter egg at each clue location making it a fun Easter Egg hunt riddles for around the house.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS for the scavenger hunt

If you have more than 1 player playing the Easter Scavenger Hunt Game, either let the youngest go first while the other child sits it out until the 1st player finishes the whole scavenger hunt game or let them read clues alternately if you have 2-3 kids.

If you have more or the niece and nephews came by, maybe group them into 2 groups and let one team do the hunting first. You can have a basket of eggs hidden in the last location to let each kid get one after they finish the Easter Scavenger Hunt Game.



This Easter Scavenger Hunt is designed to be played around the house. I used locations that most everyone should have in their house. You may need tape for some locations to stick the clue cards.

Clue #1: Hand it out to your child.

Clue #2: Place in the dishwasher door.

Clue #3: Place where the kids leave their shoes.

Clue #4: Place in the mirror your kid uses or in the bathroom mirror.

Clue #5: Place in the toy area or where your child leaves their toys the most.

Clue #6: Place in the kitchen drawer closest to the sink.

Clue #7: Place in your child’s dining chair or dining table.

Clue #8: Place in the fridge door or freezer. 

Clue #9: Place on the main door.

Clue #10: Place in the washer.

Clue #11: Place on the TV, living room, or couch.

Clue #12: Place on the pillow in their room.

Final location of prize: The closet! Either the kids’ closet or the master closet!

That’s it! Have fun and Happy Easter everyone!


Download the Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards!

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