Hopscotch Hands and Feet Game

Upgrade the old-fashioned hopscotch game by playing the hopscotch with hands and feet. The Hopscotch Hands and Feet Game is a great party game that can be played by all ages. And the more players you have, the better! Print out the hopscotch game with hands and feet printable or the Halloween-themed Skeleton Hopscotch, tape it to the floor, and start hopping.

Make sure you’re landing on the right foot pattern or hand pattern but what makes this game actually fun is when a player actually gets the foot and hand pattern all wrong. Make sure to get the camera ready to take photos and videos as this hopscotch game using your hands and feet is really hilarious!


To play the Hopscotch Hands and Feet Game, simply print the printable hands and feet outline. Each row of hopscotch will have a combination of 3 landing spaces. The landing space can be a combination of 2 feet with 1 hand or 2 hands with 1 foot. You can then make as many rows but I do recommend 8 rows.

Once you’ve laid out the sheets of hopscotch with hands and feet, tape them to the floor and gather the players around. It can be all kids, all adults, or the whole family playing this hopscotch game.

To start playing, pick a player to start hopping. The hands and feet hopscotch game mechanics are pretty simple. The player must be able to land their hand or feet on the corresponding hand and feet pattern on the floor and make it all the way to the end row without missing a skip. If they land their hand or feet on the wrong hopscotch pattern, they are out and can try again later after everyone has taken their turn playing the game.


The hopscotch hands and feet game can be played at any party or occasion or even just a fun activity for the kids.

Add the hopscotch game to your Easter party and play it as Bunny Hopscotch Hands and Feet game by letting the kids wear bunny masks as they hop.

You can also add this party game to a Superhero Party and dress the kids in superhero masks as they hop through the hands and feet hopscotch game to make it more fun.



Hopscotch Hands and Feet Printable

The hands and feet hopscotch pdf is available in 3 sizes – small hands and footprint for toddlers and pre-schoolers, medium for young kids or grade-schoolers, and large full-size hands and feet for teenagers and adults.

The first page of the 8 pages of printable includes the hands and feet hopscotch rules and the hopscotch suggested layout but you can invent different hopscotch patterns. Make it an easier pattern for toddlers and a more confusing pattern for adults.

If toddlers and pre-schoolers are playing, print page 2 of the printable to play the Hopscotch Hand Foot Game for toddlers & preschoolers. The 8.5” X 11“ sheet includes 2 hands and 2 feet so you can save on printing paper when playing this game. You just need to print 8 pages to make 8 rows of hopscotch hands and feet game.

If young kids or grade school kids are playing the hopscotch hands and feet game, print pages 3 and 4. They are medium hands & feet outline. 1 8.5” X 11“ sheet containing 2 hands, the other sheet containing 2 feet. To play 8 rows of hopscotch, print 5 of the hands’ sheet & 8 of the feet sheet.

If teens or adults are playing the hopscotch hands and feet game or the whole family starting from toddlers to the grandparents, print pages 5-8. Each 8.5” X 11“ sheet contains a full-size hand or feet. If you follow the pattern provided on the instructions in the printable, print out 7 of the left foot sheet, 8 right foot sheets, 4 left hand sheets, and 5 right hand sheets.

If you want fewer rows or if you want to adjust the suggested sequence layout, you can print less. Make sure to do this game on a leveled floor versus a sloping floor to avoid players from falling over.

Note: For those who wish to re-use these sheets, I would recommend laminating them so more kids can play them over and over again. Example: at Daycares or Pre-schools.

4. Once all sheets are ready, let the fun begin with each kid or adult taking their turn. The ones who get the whole sequence correctly – wins! Enjoy!

Download the Hands and Feet Hopscotch Printable PDF or the Skeleton Hopscotch Printable PDF

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