Fun Easter Games for Kids

If you’re looking to do more than just the big Easter Egg Hunt, check out our list of Easter Games for Kids! Let the kids burn all the sugar with our fun scavenger hunt where the kids will find themselves running around the house to find clues or let everyone hopping with our Easter Bunny Hopscotch using hands and feet to hop to the finish line. Try one game or try them all for a fun and egg-citing Easter party.

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A good way to exchange the candy the kids didn’t like during their Easter Egg Hunt is to play the Easter Egg Exchange Game. Gather the kids after they’ve opened all their Easter plastic eggs filled with candy and chocolates and ask them to play the EGG-Change game. Everyone must play the exact amount of eggs. Take turns rolling the die and follow the printable egg exchange card to see if you’re going to pass your egg to the left or to the right (see photo below).

Download the Printable Easter Egg Exchange Card


This Easter Candy Dice Game doesn’t need any plastic Easter eggs. Just a dice, a bowl of candy, and the printable card that shows you what action to take for every corresponding dice thrown. First player to collect 12 candies, wins!

Download the Printable Easter Candy Dice Game

3. easter scavenger hunt clues

Print Easter Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards and spread them around the house (per the clue location). Hand out the first clue and let it lead the kids to the next clue until the final clue leads them to their Easter Basket or Easter Treat. Leaving an Easter egg at each location is optional but even more fun!

Learn how to play the Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues and download the Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards


Group the kids or family into pairs and head outdoors. Play the Easter Water Balloon Egg Toss by having each pair toss water balloon eggs back and forth. When a pair drops their water-filled balloon, they are out. Small balloons 1000pcs, $7.99 from Amazon.

5. easter egg and spoon rACE game

Play the Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game and let kids race to the finish line while balancing the egg on their spoon. The first one to cross the finish line without dropping the egg wins!

Wooden Spoon & wooden eggs, $17.99 from Amazon.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

6. Guess how many

Place your EGGS-tra candy in a jar and let the kids guess how many candies there are. You can use jelly beans, M&M’s Peanuts, Cadbury chocolate eggs, or if you have a bigger jar, maybe let them guess how many Easter Eggs there are. It’s a fun Easter Game for the kids and you get to use up the extra candies that didn’t make it to the Easter Eggs or the plastic eggs themselves. It can also served as a fun Easter decoration.

Glass jar with lid, set of 4, $19.99 from Amazon.

7. Bunny hopscotch hands and feet game

Do a bunny hopscotch game following a pattern and sequence that uses your hands and feet. The one who makes it to the end while following the sequence correctly wins. The fun part though is not the winning but seeing all the players land their wrong foot and get the sequence wrong. LOL.

Learn how to play the Hopscotch Hands & Feet Game and Download the Printable Hopscotch Hands and Feet Patterns!


Another fun way to re-use the plastic Easter eggs is to let the kids enjoy this Minute to Win It Easter Game of stacking plastic Easter egg halves in 60 seconds. Will it stay up? If it topples, you can start again. The one with the highest stack at the end of the 60 seconds wins!

188 pcs. plastic eggs, $22.99 from Amazon.

9. BUnny ring toss game

Enjoy a fun Easter Ring Toss Game with these bunny ears. Available as 2 sets of bunny ears with 12 toss rings. Either let the kids take turns or group the family into two.

Available from Amazon, $12.95

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